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FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
that used to be. bill: republican nominee continues to press on this issue, that's the economy. >> can we afford four more years like the last four years? he wants another stimulus. how did that first one work out? and then, he wants to pick winners and losers among companies, or losers in his case and then, of course he wants to hire more government workers. look, all of these things have not ignited our economy the way it should be ignited. we've seen the slowest recovery from a recession. bill: john roberts traveling with the campaign. live in vanmeter, iowa, that is west of des moines. what is happening there, john? >> reporter: good morning. governor romney will be talking agriculture today. not surprisingly we're on a 700 acre farm owned by the cook family. a lot of soybeans and corn here. we're in madison county. governor romney won this in the caucuses by the way. he will argue the president's policies things like estate taxes, climate change, environmental regulations, energy policy are hurting farmers. he continues to go after the president on issue of jobs of the even though th
FOX News
Oct 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
they provided points and issues on zingers and economy and debate decorum. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> with regard to social security, we will not, we will not privatize it. if we listened to governor romney and congressman during the bush years, man where all those seniors would be now if there money had been in the market. their ideas are old and their ideas are bad and they eliminate the guaranty of medicare. >> here he is the problem. they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggybank for obamacare. >> usually when there is a crisis we pull together. we pull together as a nation. as i said, even before we knew what happened to the ambassador the governor was holding a press conference, was holding a press conference. that is not presidential leadership. >> this is becoming more troubling by the day. they first blamed a youtube video. now trying to blame the rome rom ticket for making this an issue. with you shou
FOX News
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
with a very weak economy and a very high unemployment rate. it is not good news any way you slice it, patti ann. patti ann: stuart, the national average is much, much lower than that. why is california paying so much more? >> it is a very simple answer. this is a self-inflicted wound in california. they have very, very high emissions and environmental standards and they have to have a special blend of gasoline just for california. that means if there is any kind of problem with the refinerries, the 14 refinerries in california that make this special stuff they have got a supply problem and that's what's happened. they are paying roughly 15 cents extra for every single gallon that is consumed in california. that is because of these environmental rules. now that gets even worse in november when california's cap-and-trade rules go into effect. that will mean another hike in the price of gasoline in california. patti ann: wow! big issues there. stu varney, fox business, thank you. >> sure. bill: stinks to be paying that. fox news alert now. a fierce critic of the united states for years will re
FOX News
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
we have is weakening economy. 4% growth, 2% growth. now 1.9% that is --. bill: see you at 9:30, stuart. what is next? alisyn: we are just getting started, bill. benghazi was there a cover-up on in the highest levels of the government and was it more about politics. bill: the search for a missing 10-year-old girl. police are giving an update and we're live on the scene with that. alisyn: rescuers are combing through rubble looking for a missing construction worker after a five-story parking garage collapses. >> people yelling. people screaming. it was just real horrible. >> i just seen a lot of smoke. the building shaking and, it just started collapsing. alisyn: we have a fox news alert for you now. a yemeni security official at the u.s. embassy was assassinated in a drive-by shooting. witnesses reporting a masked gunman on a motorcycle shot the man outside of his home in the capital of sanaa. local authorities say the killing bears hallmarks of al qaeda. there have been a wave of assassinating government officials in yemen following a crackdown on security. bill: over who kn
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 9:00am EDT
saying for women it's about the economy. have you been proven right? >> i was thrilled with my husband,oved the debate, ought it was terrifi ve been ger myousee i thk people got a chance to do that at the debate. there have been as you know close to a billion dollars spent on negative ads on him. he's been so mischaracterized, meelteahedatta a rit was for people to see him unfiltered, listen with their ears, see with their eyes and say, this is a good guy. in particular with women, i think. they got to see setnghat svint t d icasp, compency somne who was energized, energetic ready to go and tackled the job. what mitt and and i have seen the last year and a half on the caaign trail i not numrs, an t n o h widespread the story is. in particular women are falling into unemployment in a higher number than men. women are falling into poverty wh a seeg t, level thanen. wupe. it happens soften i wish i could take people with me on the trail. women come up, they are so frightened, they are crying, they've lost their jobs, their husbands have lost their jobs. they've been trying to g a job. es
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)